All homes built by Regency offer “worry-free exteriors”. These are not homes which require no maintenance, but rather homes that include exterior products that are less susceptible to rot, mildew, termites, and overall deterioration. Our homes include such products as Miratec exterior trims, Jamb-saver doors, cement fiber board siding, and 25 year architectural shingles. Miratec is a treated composite material with the appearance of wood which is resistant to rot, mildew, and pests that prey on moisture such as termites. Jamb-saver doors are exterior doors of the home which have a chemical treatment in the bottom eighteen inches of the door jamb, similar to the Miratec product, for the same purposes. Cement fiber board (sometimes more commonly known as “Hardi” board) is exactly what it sounds like. The materials are cement and a fiber pressed together in the form of a traditional lap siding. The difference is, without any wood in its composition, it is impossible for it to rot, mildew or be damaged by termites. Do not confuse this with a previously popular product commonly known as LP siding. Some insurance companies even allow for a masonry rating on homeowners’ insurance, which could provide you with substantial savings. In addition, cement fiber board is more resistant to physical damage (such as a rock flung from underneath a lawnmower) than vinyl siding, a product commonly used on comparably-priced homes.

In addition to “worry-free exteriors”, Regency Innovations offers a 3/11 Builder Follow-up program. This offers the customer two follow-up visits after the closing of their home. One comes three months following closing, and the other at eleven months. We use this opportunity to correct minor issues that may not have originally appeared prior to closing (such as nail pops in the drywall). It also allows the customer to provide feedback on what Regency Innovations is doing well as a company, as well as areas which may need improvement. The reason three and eleven were chosen are rather simple. Three months allows the homeowner to get acquainted with their home and become accustomed to what is normal (odd noises, etc.) versus what is out of the ordinary. This also prevents the customer from having to take off work to meet individual appointments for a few minor repairs, and allows them to make a minor list and be taken care of at one time. The eleven month checkpoint gives one more opportunity for correction of minor issues prior to the expiration of the one-year new home warranty that is standard with all Regency homes. This DOES NOT mean that if you have a major issue (air conditioning failure, plumbing leak, etc.), that you would have to wait until three or eleven months post-closing to get help. IMMEDIATE assistance is ALWAYS available for major issues. Please do not hesitate to call.

All homes additionally provide energy-efficient vinyl windows for less energy usage, heating and cooling units on the main floor (not in the attic) for easy maintenance, and a cable tie-down system which provides roof to foundation security for added protection in areas which may be susceptible to high winds. This cable system is not yet required to meet local building codes, but is just one more step to prove to you that Regency Innovations goes above and beyond what is required, or even expected in a home.

Many of the products listed above, and to follow, cost Regency Innovations more to provide in their homes, but we want your home to reflect quality, and evoke confidence from you, our customer, for many years to come.


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